Dear Film School

Here’s my confession, people. I am not who I say I am. I am a senior at an undisclosed film school and I have never seen the following movies:

Brave Heart


any of The Godfathers

The Shining

Pulp Fiction

The Breakfast Club

Ghostbusters (original and the reboot)

Reservoir Dogs



or Elf. ( I know, who hasn’t seen Elf?)

I understand that this is pretty unacceptable behavior, but before you cut up my diploma, let me make it up to you. It’s my mission for the rest of this semester to watch one popular movie per week that I should’ve seen by now. And just so I’m accountable, I’ll write all about my ventures right here.

Because I don’t want to be a bad film student anymore. I want to have opinions on movies and have a favorite Jedi like the rest of you.

I also want to be a better driver but that’s a whole other thing.




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