For[r]est Gump (1994)

Oh, okay so it’s Forrest with two Rs. Because Forrest Gump is his name and not a reference to some generic gumpy forest where soldiers are fighting a war. However, I was sort of right—there is a war in the movie, even though it takes up like 20% of it.

The beginning’s a slow burn. We start off with a gentle walkthrough of Forrest’s childhood, which is nice but not as riveting as the Tetris game happening in my right hand. A little bit after the fifteen minute mark, I took a quick nap, because it was about midnight when I started and I was already resenting the movie for being so goddamn long. But when my roommate came home to bake some midnight cookies I sat up and pushed on.


And boy, what a ride.

Okay, so Forrest Gump accomplishes more in the first hour of this movie than I will in my whole damn life—and he does so accidentally. War hero, ping pong champion, sea captain, billionaire, local gardener – am I missing anything?

I have never laughed and cried this much in one movie. I find myself giggling at inappropriate times because I can’t control when the image of a deadpan Forrest Gump flashing his butt-scar to the POTUS pops into my mind. I smile whenever Forrest says, “Lieutenant Dan!” in his sweet South drawl. Every comedic moment is matched by a scene that’s just as tragic or beautiful. (*cough* any scene with Jenny *cough cough*)

Most iconic films are a one-and-done deal for me. Look, they are incredible, I know that, but they’re all so . . . heavy? I can’t think of a better word. I’ve watched a lot of amazing films during college that will always stick with me, but I will never watch them more than once. But I could probably watch Forrest Gump again and again and find new details to appreciate every time.

So congrats Forrest, you’re a real goddamn treasure.



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