4 Netflix Originals You Haven’t Seen Yet

Well folks, the day has come. I have done it. I have signed up for my own Netflix free trial after years of bumming off my friend’s family. I don’t know how many others spend their Sunday nights combing through the obscure corners of Netflix, but there’s some interesting stuff back there. And if you’re looking for a new show to break yourself out of a rut, here are four humble suggestions.

Crazyhead (1 season)


Buffy for the millennial generation, Crazyhead follows Amy, socially awkward and average in every way, who discovers – to her dismay – that she can see demons. Yes, the supernatural underbelly is coming for her. Thankfully, she meets Raquel, a rogue demon-hunter who saves Amy from an untimely death. Despite her new-found gift, Amy is not looking for a life of danger – she works at a bowling alley for God’s sake. But when she learns that her best friend may be possessed by a demon, Amy’s got to step up.

All in all, this show kicks ass.  Amy and Raquel are a force to be reckoned with, two young women with a “head down, balls out” attitude. Raquel is naturally a vicious fighter, and Amy, social awkwardness and all, turns into a fierce protector. Definitely the kind of women you want on your side. I can’t recommend the show enough, it’s raunchy, dark, and insanely funny.

Best Quote: “So I’m not crazy but I might shit myself?” – Amy

Tallulah (2016)


I confess that I only watched this movie because of my eternal love for Ellen Page.  I think I could have spent the next few years happily passing over its icon, because what is a “Tallulah” and what does it have to do with a baby on a park bench?

Ellen Page plays Lu, a drifter with no attachments, who kidnaps a baby from her negligent mother. Despite her good intentions, kidnapping is . . . well, illegal, and Lu knows nothing caring for babies. Enter Allison Janney’s character, Margo Mooney, mother of Lu’s ex-boyfriend, who she hasn’t seen in over two years. Margo has her own problems. Her husband left her for a man, her career as an academic professor is in the tank, and her turtle is dyingBut when Lu shows up on Margo’s doorstep, holding a baby that she claims is Margo’s granddaughter,  what else is Margo to do?

tal 2

That being said, I love this movie. It really is a powerhouse of female talent. Page and Janney have such incredible chemistry. It’s an emotional journey for the both of them, two beautiful but flawed women who come to rely on each other.

Best Quote: “I tried to seduce the doorman.” – Margo (understandably embarrassed)

Lovesick (2 seasons)


I saw this show back when it was called Scrotal Recall. I know – thank God they changed it. Quick overview, Dylan (20-something) finds out that he has chlamydia and now has to track down his past sexual partners. Each episode is named after one of Dylan’s ex-lovers, from serious girlfriends to one-night stands, who each remember him with varying degrees of fondness.

I’ll admit, Lovesick isn’t on the top of my list. Sometimes Dylan comes off as whiny and directionless, however this makes for some great zingers from his old lovers. I mainly stick around because I adore the side-character Evie, Dylan’s tough-love, sharp-witted best friend . . . who he’s secretly in love with. If you enjoyed Judd Appatow’s Love, or Netflix’s Easy, I’d definitely recommend the show. It’s fun, light-hearted, and will make you feel better about your own sexual blunders.

Best Quote: 

“You could write him a poem?” – Dylan

“I’d rather break up with him.” – Evie

3% (1 season)

3% poster

For all the YA Dystopian fans out there, this is the show for you. I was immediately intrigued by the premise, a dystopian community that’s divided into two vastly unequal sectors: 97% of the population lives in absolute poverty while a wealthy elite lives in comfort on a luxurious island. Every year, eligible young adults go through a rigorous testing process where only 3% of candidates are chosen to join the mysterious haven known as The Offshore.


I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this show. I don’t know how I stumbled upon it, but I binged all eight episodes in one night. It creates such a fascinating world, with a diverse crew of morally questionable characters. One dystopian fan to another, this show doesn’t get enough credit.



8 thoughts on “4 Netflix Originals You Haven’t Seen Yet

Add yours

  1. I’ve recently watched “Lovesick” and I loved it 🙂 At first I wasn’t sure about it but the more I watched, the better it became. I really wanted Dylan and Evie to end up together and Luke is so funny I love his character


  2. I love Luke’s backstory in season 2. So heartbreaking when he tried to reconnect with his ex

    I don’t know if I want Dylan and Evie together. But I love their friendship so much, especially their history together

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved Tallulah so much! Like you, I watched it for Ellen Page, she’s wonderful! 3% sounds like something I’d like to watch, thanks for putting it on my radar!
    Congrats on getting your own Netflix account! Can you tell my husband to stop bumming off my Spotify account? ;D


  4. yeah it is, I feel so sorry for him ):
    and aw yeah I suppose it’s the build up that kind of makes me think “omg just be together already” because it’s frustrating as an audience knowing they both feel the same way but aren’t doing anything about it. Their friendship is so great though. Maybe being together would ruin it who knows.


  5. that’s normally how I feel when it comes to romances. I generally don’t ship couples that clearly will end up together. Mostly worried that they just enjoy the fantasy of each other, but would actually fall apart in a relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

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