Here’s my confession. I have just graduated from ¬†an undisclosed film school and I have never seen the following movies:

Brave Heart


any of The Godfathers

The Shining

Pulp Fiction

The Breakfast Club

Ghostbusters (original and the reboot)

Reservoir Dogs



Elf (the Citizen Kane of Christmas movies)

and many more.

I understand that this is pretty unacceptable behavior, but before you cut up my diploma, film school, let me redeem myself. It’s my mission to watch all popular movies that I should’ve seen by now. And just so I’m accountable I’ll write all about my ventures right here.

Because I don’t want to be a bad film student anymore. I want to have opinions on movies and have a favorite Jedi like the rest of you.


I also want to be a better driver, but that’s a whole other thing.



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