Wentworth – (Teal Blue may actually be the new Black)

We've all been feeling pretty let down by Orange is the New Black these past couple of seasons. The sexy, fresh prison-dramedy was once the darling of Netflix's Original content, but in the last year, has been criticized for their portrayals of racial injustice within the American prison system, which many believe (myself included) crossed a line.... Continue Reading →


‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 5 review

I personally fell off the OITNB wagon after the backlash from season four. I agreed with many others who claimed that their attempts to highlight racial discrimination within the prison crossed a line. I wasn't planning on watching this new season, but I guess I can't leave a story unfinished. If you were planning on... Continue Reading →

4 Netflix Originals You Haven’t Seen Yet

Well folks, the day has come. I have done it. I have signed up for my own Netflix free trial after years of bumming off my friend's family. I don't know how many others spend their Sunday nights combing through the obscure corners of Netflix, but there's some interesting stuff back there. And if you're looking for a... Continue Reading →


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