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unqualified movie reviewer praises already critically-acclaimed movies

‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 5 review

I personally fell off the OITNB wagon after the backlash from season four. I agreed with many others who claimed that their attempts to highlight racial discrimination within the prison crossed a line. I wasn't planning on watching this new... Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction: the Citizen Kane of Pop Culture

My history with this movie is complicated and unfairly biased. My first night at film school, I got wrapped up in the social obligations of orientation week. Desperate for friends, I found myself in a dorm common room watching Pulp Fiction.... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award: Acceptance Speech

Good morning! Apparently it's award season and no one told me?? I, a humble fresh college graduate with twenty followers, have been nominated for an award. A sweet, thoughtful award that allows little bloggers to discover each other and build... Continue Reading →

The One I Love (2014)

The Duplass Brothers (the production company behind the film) have a bit of a following within my school. They did some films you may recognize - Skeleton Twins (2014) starring Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, for instance. From the two movies I've seen,... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Crash Course

A few days ago, a nice young man came into the unnamed office where I work, wearing a Rogue One T-shirt. At my boss's request, I went over to make light small talk, while nervously avoiding eye-contact with his shirt, because I .... Continue Reading →

4 Netflix Originals You Haven’t Seen Yet

Well folks, the day has come. I have done it. I have signed up for my own Netflix free trial after years of bumming off my friend's family. I don't know how many others spend their Sunday nights combing through the... Continue Reading →

Black Swan (2010)

Not really a pop culture classic, but I definitely had my eye on this movie for awhile. It comes up every now and then in my classes, and from what I heard, Black Swan was right up my alley. Natalie Portman (who... Continue Reading →

SuperBad (2007)

What a blast from the past. Everyone looks so young in this movie. Also, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone may have graduated to the Oscar-worthy elite, but Michael Cera will forever hold a special place in my heart. Getting right to... Continue Reading →

Rushmore (1998)

Until yesterday, I had never seen a Wes Anderson film. I don't know much about the guy, other than he's a big fan of symmetrical shots. The things you learn at film school. Rushmore, I'm told, is one of his earlier... Continue Reading →

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