Bad Film Student

unqualified movie reviewer praises already critically-acclaimed movies

V-Day Watch List (indie edition)

So I haven't watched a lot of the classic V-day movies. Haven't seen The Notebook. Or Sleepless in Seattle (I saw Meep-less in Seattle, the Phineas and Ferb episode though). So I can't review those. But if you're feeling like branching... Continue Reading →

The Breakfast Club

Sitting next to my roommate—the more educated film student of the two of us—I can see the giddy look on her face as she watches me, watching one of her favorite movies for the first time.

For[r]est Gump

Okay, so Forrest Gump accomplishes more in the first hour of this movie than I will in my whole damn life—and he does so accidentally. War hero, ping pong champion, sea captain, billionaire, local gardener - am I missing anything?

I've never seen it, but I know the general idea. I vividly remember my friend Emma's Hannibal Lector impression, “Have the lambs been silenced, Clarice?” I picture an evil, bald, cannibal scientist with looking down into a pit packed—presumably—with lambs, while his loyal assistant Clarice scribbles notes onto a clipboard. Clarice, in my head, has goggle-like glasses and aspirations of overthrowing her kooky boss, Hannibal.

Dear Film School

Here's my confession, film school. I am not who I say I am. I am a senior at an undisclosed film school and I have never seen the following movies: Brave Heart Fargo any of The Godfathers The Shining Pulp... Continue Reading →

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